Bio: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out my page. I guess you deserve to know a little bit about myself. My wife and I are presently living in eastern Washington. I have completed my studies at Westminster Seminary and am presently working full time at Curfman Steel. It was in midst of my studies at Westminster seminary that I fell in love with fountain pens. I have been using a fountain pen daily for several years and I want to share them with everyone else. There is nothing like writing with a good fountain pen, especially for one who does a lot of writing in a day. I prefer to take notes by hand, but a ball point wears out my hand after a couple of hours. The ease with which a fountain pen writes has allowed me to take more notes with far less stress on my hand. If you have not tried a fountain pen, I suggest you shoot me an email! I would love to get you started. Fountain pen repair is only a hobby presently. Though I may not pump out pens as fast as some professional repairers, I am able to afford greater attention and care to each pen, and keep costs low. I also warranty all of my work for 1 year, so you can buy with confidence! If you would like to know more about me or the pens I sell, shoot me an email at RonsVintagePens@gmail.com. Happy writing! - Ron

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