Nib buffing paper

This is some of the paper/film I use on the pens I repair. I want every pen I sent out to write as smooth as possible, which requires high-quality buffing material. As far as I know there isn’t a finer buffing film than these. I have two types of for sale, .5 micron (tan) and .1 micron (green). Both grits measure 5″ across. Just for your reference, .5 micron is equivalent to 60,000 grit sand paper (see a grit guide here). These papers are very durable, and if used properly, will last for dozens of nibs. If you are interested in trying your hand at smoothing, Richard Binder has a great guide here. These films are the best way to get a glassy smooth writing experience! $12 each

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[SOLD – This pen is going to California!] Gold Bond – semi-flex!

Well, here is a pen for you to check out… finally! Life has been busy up here in Washington and I haven’t been able to devote a lot of time to my pens lately. Sorry :).

So this pen is a “Gold Bond” semi-flex. This is a pen that was marketed by Montgomery Ward back in the 1930’s. The pen is likely a Waterman’s pen which was essentially rebranded for this store. The nib on this pen is large, and it is 14k gold. The gold value alone is somewhere in the $30-50 range all by itself! Since I have been so slow posting pens, I will let this one go for the screaming price of $30 (plus shipping)! That is what I charge for an average restoration, and you get a pen too!

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Sri Lanka, here we come!

My wife and I are finally getting settled in our new home in Washington State. We now live in a country house outside of the town of Prosser. The house is situated on several acres of land, surrounded by friendly neighbors, and cows :). My wife is especially fond of the cows.

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We spent much of last week trying to unpack everything, while also trying to pack and prepare for our trip to Sri Lanka! Yes, Sri Lanka! I have never visited Sri Lanka, but my wife is a veteran of the country. My wife and her family have made frequent trips to the island country to visit her grandmother and several other family members. Since this trip is primarily a social call, my wife and I will meet her parents and siblings in San Francisco tomorrow (7/6), then we will make the trek to Grandmother’s house together.

I will be sure to include some pictures of our adventure in my next post. Hopefully, I will be posting pens again sometime near the end of the month. Sorry to keep you waiting!



Moving Day

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that I haven’t posted more pens. I have several pens in progress that I hoped to post, but I have run out of time. My wife and I are packing up all of our belongings and moving from California to Washington state. We will miss living in┬áSouthern California, but we will miss our friends most. My wife and I are looking forward to new adventures that Washington is sure to bring. I will post some pictures periodically to keep you updated.