Trip to Sri Lanka (days 1-3)

Well, we are finally back in the US. We have actually been back for a couple of weeks, but my wife and I have been busy working and settling into our new home. As promised, I am going to share some pictures of our adventure over the next few posts.

My wife and I began our trip by meeting her family in San Francisco. We then flew overnight to Singapore. We arrived in Singapore around mid-day for a planned two day stop-over.

For our first evening/dinner we planned on meeting some friends in the Gardens by the Bay First we checked into our lodgings, then made our way to the gardens. Not but a few moments after we stepped out of the hostel we were greeted with a torrential downpour.


We were not well prepared for rain, but fortunately the rain cleared after about ten minutes and we were on our way.

The public transportation system is fabulous in Singapore! Though I enjoy the convenience of driving my own car, in Singapore you can get around quite well via bus or MRT (essentially Singapore’s subway system). Without too much difficulty our group made our way to the gardens, and we were greeted with this!


Opulence was the word that kept coming to my mind. This garden was way over-the-top!

From the same vantage point we could also see the skyline of the city to the right.


Beautiful, right?

Just in case you are wondering, the curved building in the right side of the picture is a giant hotel that has a cruise ship on top. We had a better view of it from our lodgings.


Like I said, opulence… The gardens are on the far side of the hotel from this vantage.

Much to my chagrin I had to pose for a lot of pictures. So here is one at the breakfast table.


That is my sister-in-law to my right, trying to drink out of my water bottle… If you have seen other pictures of me you will notice that the beard is gone. Sad day. Oh well, maybe I will be able to convince the wife to let me grow it again.

Our first stop of the day was a “food tour.” This was a small shop where we learned about the history, and unique culture of Singapore. The tour also involved a dress-up session… and more pictures. Hooray… 😉


One unexpected benefit of our visit was the arrival of the first lady of Singapore! Of course I didn’t know who she was, but the owner of the shop let us in on the secret! With the arrival of such a dignitary, we got the impression that it was time for us to depart.

Our next stop was Singapore’s Botanic Garden (apparently not botanical garden(s)…). Sticking with the theme of ‘opulence,’ the gardens were impressive. One of the main attractions was the orchid garden.

DSC_0997 DSC_1019 DSC_1020 DSC_1004

above: Not an orchid, but pretty cool

below: definitely an orchid


We spend most of the second half of the day walking around the different gardens. After a few hours we headed back to the hostel and turned in for the night.

For our final day in Singapore we went to Sentosa Island. This seemed to be the recreational center of the nation. There were a number of theme parks, museums, and other attractions on the island. My wife and I chose to check out the aquarium. I can safely say that I have never seen an aquarium like this one. I believe it boasted the largest tanks in the world… and they were huge!

DSC_0053 DSC_0067

Following our trip to Sentosa we made our way back to the hostel, packed up our luggage and headed to the airport to complete our trip to Sri Lanka.

In short, if you get a chance to visit Singapore I would recommend it!


Look for Pens on Sunday!

Sunday evening (California time) I will post at least two different pens. Hopefully, I will have a few more to show for my work, but I can promise that there will be at least two Parker pens for you to check out. I am confident they are worth the wait!

Pens Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! Today (5/26) I finally crossed the finish line and completed my last final. YES! FREEDOM! Three years of hard work has finally come to an end. The pens I have promised will be coming soon. I will still be tied up for more than a week with various school and family obligations, but pens will be coming soon! I will give you an update late next week so that you don’t miss out on the deals.

Good News, Bad News

[The contest is now over, and we have a winner, Craigkidder!]

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. To soften the blow of the bad news I will begin with the good news.

The good news. Out of gratitude to all of you who faithfully check my blog, next week I am giving away one of the Sheaffer school pen kits! These pens are great writers, and are a worthy addition to your pen collection. I am not publicizing this giveaway in any way, so your odds of winning may be fairly good. Simply leave a comment on this post (even a smily face will do 🙂 ), and you will be in the game. Since many of you live outside of the US, I am willing to cover upto $15 for shipping. That should be enough to get the pen to most places in the world. Seriously, this is worth the minuscule effort!

You can choose to tell others about this giveaway if you like, or you can keep this to yourself. The choice is yours!

The contest will end at 7 pm (California time) Sunday, April 19th.

Only one entry per person, so please only comment once.

Okay, now the bad news. I am coming to the end of my last semester, and school is taking up all of my time. Unfortunately, this means that I have to sacrifice my pen repair time. I have a number of great pens that I am really looking forward to show you, but I also need to make sure I graduate :). I will still be available if you have any questions on pens that I have posted or repairs. I just won’t be posting any  new pens until June. Sad day…

I hope this chance to win a handy pen offsets the bad news!

Start of the Spring Semester

Hello Everyone! As you may know, I am a student at Westminster Seminary. I am happy to announce that I am entering my final semester! The begging of a new semester also means I will not be putting up restored pens on this blog as frequently for the next few months. However, I will do my best to keep the pen stock flowing, so keep checking in! If you have any pen needs, or pen wishes, feel free contact me directly at I will be happy to assist you any way that I can!

Welcome to Ron’s Vintage Pens


Welcome to Ron’s Vintage Pens. I will be posting pens for sale here as I make repairs. I will post pens here at an exclusive discount for all who find this page. After a week or so, I will then post the pens on eBay. So, if something strikes your fancy you should get it while you can.

I recently transferred to WordPress from Tumblr. You can find my old blog here:

All the pens that I sell have been disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, inspected, and restored to service. I also take great pains to make sure all of my pens are writing as smooth as possible.

All workmanship is warrantied for 1 year. If you are unhappy with a purchase you may return it for a full refund (minus shipping) within 30 days.

If you have any questions about my pens or about pen repairs, just shoot me an email at