[Sold! – This pen is staying in California!] Parker Duofold – Vac Fill

Take a look at this nice vac-filling Duofold from 1944. This pen is in great shape. There are some teeth marks on the metal part of the cap. Some of the war year pens have a silver clip because brass was scarce. The silver was then gold plated. I am not sure that this particular clip is sliver, but if it is soft enough to leave bite marks I would suspect that it is (no guarantees :)). The filler on this pen has been completely rebuilt. It has a new spring, cup (for gripping the diaphragm), diaphragm, and air tube. The nib is a fine point and fairly wet. Add this pen to your collection for the bargain price of $88 Email me at: RonsVintagePens@gmail.com

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