[Sold! This pen is staying in California!] Dubonnet Red Eversharp Skyline – Fine nib

Here is a very nice Eversharp Skyline for you to check out. This pen dates to the early 40’s. The transparent section only appeared on the earlier Skylines. In the 40’s plastic was still a very new technology, and plastics were not as durable as they are now. Eversharp began using plastic in their pens over other materials such as celluloid. Over time and exposure to the sun these plastics often shrink and become brittle, leaving many Eversharps in poor condition. This pen, however, is still in great shape! No cracks to speak of, and the cap still fits tight. There are a couple of small dings and tiny surface scratches, but nothing unexpected for a pen of this age. This pen has been fitted with a new sac and breather tube and writes like a champ! Capped, this pen measures 5.25″, which means it is the standard/full size version. A wonderful writer and a piece of history all in one. Pick this one up for $70 Email me at: RonsVintagePens@gmail.com

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