Good News, Bad News

[The contest is now over, and we have a winner, Craigkidder!]

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. To soften the blow of the bad news I will begin with the good news.

The good news. Out of gratitude to all of you who faithfully check my blog, next week I am giving away one of the Sheaffer school pen kits! These pens are great writers, and are a worthy addition to your pen collection. I am not publicizing this giveaway in any way, so your odds of winning may be fairly good. Simply leave a comment on this post (even a smily face will do 🙂 ), and you will be in the game. Since many of you live outside of the US, I am willing to cover upto $15 for shipping. That should be enough to get the pen to most places in the world. Seriously, this is worth the minuscule effort!

You can choose to tell others about this giveaway if you like, or you can keep this to yourself. The choice is yours!

The contest will end at 7 pm (California time) Sunday, April 19th.

Only one entry per person, so please only comment once.

Okay, now the bad news. I am coming to the end of my last semester, and school is taking up all of my time. Unfortunately, this means that I have to sacrifice my pen repair time. I have a number of great pens that I am really looking forward to show you, but I also need to make sure I graduate :). I will still be available if you have any questions on pens that I have posted or repairs. I just won’t be posting any  new pens until June. Sad day…

I hope this chance to win a handy pen offsets the bad news!


2 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

    • Anna says:

      I was going to comment in competition until Ronnie said that family members couldn’t participate in the giveaway. Looks like your chances of getting it are good! I hope you get it. I really like the school pens.


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