[Sold! – Another Pen on its way to Taiwan!]Sheaffer Balance Vac-Fill – Extra Fine

Check out this Sheaffer Lifetime Balance (full length 5.25″, standard girth). Rather than the more common lever fill, this pen is equipped with a vacuum filler (also known as a piston filler). The vac-fill system was introduced to increase ink capacity and filling efficiency. Unfortunately, many vac-fillers are damaged beyond repair, but this one works like a charm! One or two cycles of the piston in a bottle of ink will fill this pen to capacity. The piston fillers also had a transparent barrel so you can easily see how much ink is in the pen. All of the seals have been replaced on this pen, and the nib adjusted and smoothed. Ready for years of service.

On the back side of the cap the plating is showing a little bit of corrosion. The blind cap is also missing a retaining nut that keeps the cap from being unscrewed from the piston rod. Neither of these defects detract from the function of the pen.

I received this pen for a bargain and I will pass those savings on. These pens regularly go for $80-$100. Grab this one for only $45 (+shipping)!

Email me at: RonsVintagePens@gmail.com

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