Silver Pearl Parker Vac. Major

Check out this beautiful Parker Vacumatic Major dressed in silver pearl. This pen does show some signs of wear. The plating on the cap band has partially worn off. Even so, this is still a beautiful piece of history. It was manufactured in 1946. Now it is fully restored, warrantied, and ready for work! Get it for only $70


Parker 45 Red with Gold Nib!

When I first ran into Parker 45s I wasn’t real excited about them. Α while back a customer sent me one for a tune-up and I was really impressed. These pens can be every bit as smooth as a 51, yet they have a bit more spring in their nib. This little bit of flex allows for more line variation than you can get with a 51 or 21. Some of them, like this one, even come with gold nibs! These pens are hard to beat for the price. Get this one for $45!

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Dove Grey Parker 51 – Fine

Here is a nice vac-fill Parker 51 for you. This pen dates to 1944, but it has received a different cap somewhere along the way. The blue diamond cap went away around 1947, so this cap had to come from a later Parker 51. Even though this is not 100% original, it still is a wonderful writer. Where else can you find a pen of this caliber at this price? Get it for $70!

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[Sold!-This pen is going to Florida] Sweet blue Parker Vacumatic!

Here is a beautiful Parker Vacumatic. The azure blue colored vacumatics were only made from 1940-1948. Since there are no barrel imprints remaining I have to used other clues to narrow the manufacture date. This pen was likely made in 1946 or 1947. I base this judgment mostly on how the clip was manufactured. After World War 2, Parker began stamping the clips rather than molding them. A stamped clip will have a negative impression on the underside, while a molded clip does not. Since it is difficult to see this difference without taking the clip off you will have to take my word that it is stamped :).

Get this beauty for only $55

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Sheaffer 1.5 mm Italic!

Here is another Sheaffer for you to check out. This one comes with a new converter so you can fill it with your favorite ink. This pen is equipped with a huge 1.5 mm italic nib. An Italic nib has more pronounced edges making its lines crisper than a stub. Unfortunately the crisper lines also mean not as smooth of a writing experience when compared to a stub. This isn’t a big deal with such a large nib. Nibs this size are more suited to careful lettering than casual writing.  Get this pen, with a brand new converter for $25 plus shipping!

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