Silver Pearl Parker Vac. Major

Check out this beautiful Parker Vacumatic Major dressed in silver pearl. This pen does show some signs of wear. The plating on the cap band has partially worn off. Even so, this is still a beautiful piece of history. It was manufactured in 1946. Now it is fully restored, warrantied, and ready for work! Get it for only $70


Dove Grey Parker 51 – Fine

Here is a nice vac-fill Parker 51 for you. This pen dates to 1944, but it has received a different cap somewhere along the way. The blue diamond cap went away around 1947, so this cap had to come from a later Parker 51. Even though this is not 100% original, it still is a wonderful writer. Where else can you find a pen of this caliber at this price? Get it for $70!

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Parker 51 – Sterling Silver Pen and Pencil set… with a 1mm stub!!

The second pen for today is a Parker 51 vacumatic pen and pencil set. The pen is fitted with a custom 1mm stub, and writes like a dream! The pen is cedar blue, but the pencil appears to be black. This was apparently a very common problem with the cedar blue pencils. The celluloid would darken to black in most cases. In any case, this appears to be a matching set. The sterling silver cap on the pen needed a little work. Unfortunately you can see some evidence of my work. The pictures should tell the story well.

Also this pen is dated 1948. This is the last year that Parker produced the vacumatic 51s. Part way through 1948 the aerometric filler came into production. Get this pen for only $215! You will not find a better deal anywhere else!

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[Sold!-This pen is going to Florida] Sweet blue Parker Vacumatic!

Here is a beautiful Parker Vacumatic. The azure blue colored vacumatics were only made from 1940-1948. Since there are no barrel imprints remaining I have to used other clues to narrow the manufacture date. This pen was likely made in 1946 or 1947. I base this judgment mostly on how the clip was manufactured. After World War 2, Parker began stamping the clips rather than molding them. A stamped clip will have a negative impression on the underside, while a molded clip does not. Since it is difficult to see this difference without taking the clip off you will have to take my word that it is stamped :).

Get this beauty for only $55

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